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Over the years, we have shot virtually everything under the sun. From action sports to music videos, feature films to live events. We’ve shot it all! In situations where specific shots are difficult to obtain, we can assist with out of the box thinking and real world experience for dynamic shot acquisition.

We have a variety of traditional and specialty equipment available including various camera systems, multiple drones, action cameras as well as various stabilization and mounting systems.

We have also developed a 4k cable camera system. This system allows our camera to remain safely tethered and span up to 100 meters for both indoor and outdoor operation. The camera can safely operate in close proximity to people and obstacles without the risk or turbulence of traditional drone systems. This cable camera system also allows complex shots to be captured repeatedly take after take.



We can work independently and/or along existing crews and productions to help bring a project from concept to completion at virtually any stage of the process.


We have a variety of equipment available including various camera systems, cable-camera, drone, action cameras and various stabilization and mounting systems. We love to PRODUCE dynamic and unique imagery.


From commercials and music videos, to scripted television and feature films, we have the team, equipment and experience to bring virtually any project to fruition.

Currently In Production

Adaptation follows a group of wheelchair bound athletes as they converge in British Columbia, Canada for the BC Summer Race Series. The World’s first downhill mountain bike race series to include an adaptive mountain bike (aMTB) category. However, Adaptation is not just a film about a race, it’s a group of stories about the human race and one’s ability to overcome adversity. Whether for the thrill of competition, or a need to push through the pain of daily life to simply get lost in a moment. The film seeks to inspire the uninspired, and educate the uneducated. To celebrate the gift of life, love, and friendship through all its complexities.

Release Date: Pending

Additional information available on the official website.

Ready to take your concept to camera? Is your project shot and needing to be edited? Have a difficult shot you are trying to acquire that requires out of the box thinking? Contact us today!